Multi criteria assessment of residential units

Vahida Žujo in Marko Ćećez in Jana Šelih in Matej Kušar (2013) Multi criteria assessment of residential units. Book of abstracts / 11th International Conference Organization, Technology and Management in Construction, 28-30 September, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia . str. 492-498.

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    The last two decades have been a turbulent time for the SE Europe. Socioeconomic conditions strongly affected the real estate conditions in an adverse manner. In addition, the economic trends over the last 5 years resulted in explicit demand of the potential buyers to have an objective assessment tool at their disposal. Several criteria have to be taken into the account if such tool is to be perceived by the stakeholders on the real estate market as useful. The paper presents foundations for the development of the multi-criteria model. Relevant criteria and sub-criteria are identified and justified: location, technical quality, architecture and living comfort, and their relative importance is judged from Bosnian point of view. Further, as green building and building certification play an important role in raising awareness and promoting the construction quality, they are used as one of the starting points of the model. The research results conducted in the city of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) are presented. Data were collected from five agents employed in the real estate agencies. Each agent has given details for 8 potential buyers, which includes a total of 40 residential units. Data were collected by surveying and interviewing, and by using of existing databases.

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    Ključne besede: multi criteria assessment, residential buildings, real estate market, quality, customer
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