Enivironmental management in project oriented companies

Jana Šelih in Aleksander Srdić in Lucila M.S. Campos in Anderea C. Trierweiller (2013) Enivironmental management in project oriented companies. Book of abstracts / 11th International Conference Organization, Technology and Management in Construction, 28-30 September, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia . str. 398-407.

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    Construction industry is a typical project-oriented industrial sector. For a contracting company, production has a project character and starts only after the contract between the client and the contracting company has been signed. Construction activities are associated with a range of various adverse environmental impacts, such as noise, raw material consumption, energy consumption, emissions into air, water and ground and fuel consumption of construction machinery. In order to control and mitigate these adverse phenomena, an environmental management system needs to be implemented into a construction company. The paper will review the main environmental effects of the construction project. A comprehensive conceptual model that extends the concept of quality into the area of sustainability is supplemented with Environmental Impact Assessment for a given construction project. In the last part, the paper provides an overview of the implementation of environmental management systems into construction industry on the basis of a recently conducted survey.

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    Ključne besede: construction industry, quality management, environmental management, project based production
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