Cyclic Response of Dowel Connections in Precast Structures

Matej Fischinger in Blaž Zoubek in Miha Kramar in Tatjana Isaković (2012) Cyclic Response of Dowel Connections in Precast Structures. V: 15 WCEE: 15th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering, 24-28th September 2012, Lisbon, Portugal.

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    Precast buildings are frequently used in the design practice in Europe. However, the seismic response of one of their key structural elements - connections was poorly investigated. Even for the most commonly used dowel beam to column connections, the information about their seismic response was quite limited, particularly in the case of large relative rotations of beams and columns, which are typical for this type of structures. Therefore, the cyclic response of these connections was experimentally investigated. Two possible types of failure were identified: a) the failure of the dowel and b) the failure of the beam-column joint. Parameters, which control the type of failure, were identified. The strength degradation of 20% in the case of large relative rotations between columns and beams was observed. Based on the experimental results, a quite robust numerical non-linear macromodel of the investigated connections has been identified.

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    Ključne besede: precast buildings, connections, cyclic experiment, seismic response, numerical model
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