Using machine learning techniques in the construction of models . 1. Introduction

Boris Kompare in I Bratko in Franci Steinman in Sašo Džeroski (1994) Using machine learning techniques in the construction of models . 1. Introduction. Ecological modelling, 75 . str. 617-628. ISSN 0304-3800

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A research was initiated in automated modelling of the ecosystem using deep knowledge and machine learning techniques. The goal of the research is to show that using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, measurements, and some general basic knowledge about the ecosystem suffice to automatically generate better models and in less time than is the case by traditional construction of models. Namely, advanced techniques of AI are able to identify and model a system that we do not understand yet. The methodology of the approach is presented and illustrated by an example of a successfully constructed model in the field of medicine. Subsequently some encouraging results were obtained in the field of ecology and related sciences.

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Dodatne informacije: 8th International Conference of the International-Society-for-Ecological-Modelling, Univ Kiel, Kiel, Germany, Sep 28-Oct 02, 1992
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