The three-dimensional beam theory: Finite element formulation based on curvature

Dejan Zupan in Miran Saje (2003) The three-dimensional beam theory: Finite element formulation based on curvature. Computers & Structures, 81 (18-19). str. 1875-1888. ISSN 00457949

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    article introduces a new finite element formulation of the three-dimensional `geometrically exact finite-strain beam theory'. The formulation employs the generalized virtual work principle with the pseudo-curvature vector as the only unknown function. The solution of the governing equations is obtained by using a combined Galerkin-collocation algorithm. The collocation ensures that the equilibrium and the constitutive internal force and moment vectors are equal at a set of chosen discrete points. In Newton's iteration special update procedures for the pseudo-curvature and rotational vectors have to be employed because of the non-linearity of the configuration space. The accuracy and the efficiency of the derived numerical algorithm are demonstrated by several examples. (C) 2003 Civil-Comp Ltd. and Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Vrsta dela: Članek
    Dodatne informacije: 8th International Conference on Civil and Structural Engineering Computing/6th International Conference on Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil & Struct Engn, EISENSTADT, AUSTRIA, SEP 19-21, 2001
    Ključne besede: three-dimensional beams, three-dimensional rotations, curvature, finite element method.
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