Buckling of restrained steel columns due to fire conditions

Tomaž Hozjan in Igor Planinc in Miran Saje in Stanislav Srpčič (2008) Buckling of restrained steel columns due to fire conditions. Steel & composite structures, 8 (2). str. 159-178. ISSN 1229-9367

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    An analytical procedure is presented for the deternination of the buckling load and the buckling temperature of a straight, slender, geometrically perfect, axially loaded, translationally and rotationally restrained steel column exposed to fire. The exact kinematical equations of the column are considered, but the shear strain is neglected. The linearized stability theory is employed in the buckling analysis. Behaviour of steel at the elevated temperature is assumed in accordance with the European standard EC 3. Theoretical findings are applied in the parametric analysis of restrained columns. It is found that the buckling length factor decreases with temperature and depends both on the material model and stifffnesses of rotational and translational restraints. This is in disagreement with the buckling length for intermediate storeys of braced frames proposed by EC 3, where it is assumed to be temperature independent. The present analysis indicates that this is a reasonable approximation only for rather stiff rotational springs.

    Vrsta dela: Članek
    Ključne besede: restrained steel column; inelastic buckling; Reissner beam; high temperatures; critical temperature
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    ID vnosa: 3517
    URI: http://drugg.fgg.uni-lj.si/id/eprint/3517

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