Non-linear analysis of two-layer beams with interlayer slip and uplift

Aleš Kroflič in Miran Saje in Igor Planinc (2011) Non-linear analysis of two-layer beams with interlayer slip and uplift. Computers & Structures, 89 (23-24). str. 2414-2424. ISSN 00457949

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    A new mathematical model for the non-linear analysis of two-layer planar beams considering flexible connections is introduced and an effective, strain-based finite element numerical solution method derived. The model and the solution method account for the exact geometrically non-linear behaviour in each separate layer. Material is assumed homogeneous but can be different in each layer. The shear strains are neglected. The laws of contact in both tangent and normal directions are taken non-linear. Numerical examples verify the proposed approach. The comparisons with numerical and experimental results from literature are made and the effects of uplift on ductility and stress distribution in beams are systematically explored. The theoretical model, combined with the present numerical formulation, has been found to result in realistic behaviour, while the numerical method proves to be accurate, reliable and computationally effective. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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