Mechanical analysis of glulam beams exposed to changing humidity

Stanislav Srpčič in Jelena Srpčič in Miran Saje in Goran Turk (2009) Mechanical analysis of glulam beams exposed to changing humidity. Wood Science and Technology, 43 (1-2). str. 9-22. ISSN 0043-7719

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    This study deals with the mechanical analysis of glulam beams during changing relative humidity of the surrounding air. The computational part of the article includes two separate numerical procedures. First, the diffusion equation is solved to determine the temporal and spatial distribution of water content in the cross-section of the beam. The results of the first computational stage are used as the input data for the numerical analysis of mechanical response of the beam. The displacements and stress distribution at some characteristic cross-sections are presented. In the article some experimentally determined values of vertical displacements in the middle of span are shown and compared to the results of numerical analysis.

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