Non-linear analysis of two-layer timber beams considering interlayer slip and uplift

Aleš Kroflič in Igor Planinc in Miran Saje in Goran Turk in Bojan Čas (2010) Non-linear analysis of two-layer timber beams considering interlayer slip and uplift. Engineering Structures, 32 (6). str. 1617-1630. ISSN 0141-0296

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    A new mathematical model and its finite element formulation for the non-linear analysis of mechanical behaviour of a two-layer timber planar beam is presented. A modified principle of virtual work is employed in formulating the finite element method. The basic unknowns are strains. The following assumptions are adopted in the mathematical model: materials are taken to be non-linear and can differ from layer to layer; interacting shear and normal contact tractions between layers are derived from the non-linear shear contact traction-slip and the non-linear normal contact traction-uplift characteristics of the connectors; the geometrically linear and materially non-linear Bernoulli's beam theory is assumed for each layer. The formulation is found to be accurate, reliable and computationally effective. The suitability of the theory is validated by the comparison of the numerical solution and the experimental results of full-scale laboratory tests on a simply supported beam. An excellent agreement between measured and calculated results is observed for all load levels. The further objective of the paper is the analysis of the effect of different normal contact traction-uplift constitutive relationships on the kinematic and static quantities in a statically determined and undetermined structure. While the shear contact traction-slip constitutive relationship dictates the deformability of the composite beam and has a substantial influence on most of the static and kinematic quantities of the composite beam, a variable normal contact traction-uplift constitutive relationship is in most cases negligible.

    Vrsta dela: Članek
    Ključne besede: Non-linearity, Composite beam, Slip, Uplift, Timber, Strain-based finite element
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