Buckling of timber columns exposed to fire

Simon Schnabl in Goran Turk in Igor Planinc (2011) Buckling of timber columns exposed to fire. Fire Safety Journal, 46 . str. 431-439. ISSN 0379-7112

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    A mathematical model for structural behavior of timber columns under fire has been proposed. The semi-analytical study has been carried out for evaluating the load-carrying capacity of timber columns exposed to fire. Particular emphasis has been given to critical buckling loads. For this purpose, a parametric study has been performed by which the influence of slenderness ratio, load level, and water content on critical buckling loads of timber columns have been investigated. The results of this preliminary study showed that the present semi-analytical method is conservative compared to the two simplified calculation methods offered by Eurocode 5 if the transfer of water is neglected, while, on the other hand, the results agree well for a water content of 12%. Moreover, for higher water contents, the present semi-analytical model is non-conservative compared to the Eurocode 5 methods.

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    Ključne besede: Fire; Buckling; Timber; Charring; Semi-analytical solutions; Reissner beam
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