Engineering Mechanics Institute - EMI 2011

Ming L. Wang in Dionisio P. Bernal in Jerome F. Hajjar in Yinghong Cao, eds. (2011) Engineering Mechanics Institute - EMI 2011. Northestern University, Boton Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts.

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      The 2011 Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) was held in Boston, Massachusetts on June 2-4, 2011. The conference was organized by Northeastern University under the auspices of EMI. This proceedings is a collection of technical papers presented at the conference, which was attended by 400 delegates from 20 countries around the world. This proceeding is a collection of submitted papers for the benefit of the attendants; it is not intended for publication or distribution. EMI 2011 also includes several symposia, each of which has submitted papers. The symposia coordinators may decide to select a collection of papers for further publication within suitable for EMI journals or special publications. This conference provides a major forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of recent developments in all fields of mechanics and materials. The technical sessions and symposia on fundamentals, tools and applications serve to highlight and promote educational needs, emerging thrusts, novel techniques, and innovative applications in areas that span across many engineering disciplines. The conference is comprised of six keynote lectures and 420 technical presentations, 3 student competitions, a poster presentation, EMI committee meetings, and industry exhibitions. A broad spectrum of topics was covered, including applied earthquake engineering, fundamental mechanics of biological materials, and theories that combine nonlinear mechanics and the chemistry of molecular mixtures. In addition, one short course was held on June 1 in conjunction with the conference, entitled ―Identification and Diagnostics in Structural Engineering‖. A workshop to promote diversity and gender balance of prospective faculty in engineering mechanics was also held before the conference. The conference co-chairs would like to express our sincere appreciation for the valuable advice provided by the EMI Board of Governors. We also would like to acknowledge the distinguished delegates, technical committee members, and invited speakers for their invaluable contribution to the conference, short course, student competitions, and symposia. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the great effort contributed by the local organizing committees as well as the Northeastern University staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students who assisted with this work.

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