World Conference on Timber Engineering - WCTE 2006

Donald A. Bender in David S. Gromala in David V. Rosowsky, eds. (2006) World Conference on Timber Engineering - WCTE 2006. Oregon State University, Portland, Oregon, ZDA.

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    Welcome to Portland! I hope this week will be both educational and enjoyable. Besides the outstanding technical and social programs, we hope you will take some time to enjoy this beautiful city. Portland is the largest city in Oregon, a state best known for its environmental programs and outdoor activities, and boasts some of the best restaurants, wineries and breweries, music, sports, shopping, and mountain views in the region. The World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), held every two years, is the leading international scientific conference on timber engineering. We hope the Portland conference will be the next in a line of successful WCTE conferences, following an excellent WCTE 2004 conference held in Lahti, Finland. WCTE 2006 welcomes more than 450 delegates from 41 different countries. The technical program includes nearly 320 papers and more than 60 posters. On behalf of the Steering Committee, the International Advisory Committee, and the Scientific Committee, welcome to Portland and enjoy the conference. I look forward to meeting you during the week.

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