World Conference on Timber Engineering - WCTE 2008

Takanori Arima, ed. (2008) World Conference on Timber Engineering - WCTE 2008. Miyazaki Wood Products Marketing and Distributing Foundation, Miyazaki, Japonska.

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    The World Conference on Timber Engineering showcase the latest technology, innovative design and research relating to the timber engineering field. WCTE is held every two years providing the ultimate forum to exchange information and learn cutting edge technology from leaders in the field of timber engineering worldwide. The participants of the convention include leading architects, engineers, educators, and timber engineering researchers. On the administrative side, the leaders of the convention are respected architects, engineers, educators, timber engineering researchers as well as business leaders in the field of timber engineering and related fields. There has been a growing movement to utilize biomass, in the face of global warming, a serious shortage and depletion of fossil resources, and the consequent rise in prices. A typical biomass resource is wood. It is a resource converted from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through photosynthesis of solar energy. This circulating resource returns to carbon dioxide through combustion or biodegradation. Wood species and its uses are remarkably diverse. The most important aspect of wood—renewable or sustainable resources using solar energy—is that human beings commit themselves to their production. The use of wood for timber engineering has direct influence on human life, affecting people involved and producing wider ripple effects on the community and various fields. In other words, its role is driving force and efficiency is not the only measure. We need to take account of forests, which are the place for production, and of the ecological system, in which living creatures co-exist. Deeply concerned with issues of climate and environment, we must be always aware of the need for cooperation in terms of “space” (in same generation) and “time.” (beyond generations). The 10th WCTE Conference 2008 in Miyazaki, Japan received many abstracts and proceedings for presentations with topics of interest spanning the spectrum of the timber engineering field. We do hope these reports are effective and instructive for mutual understanding between these sectors and will also connect into “the next ones”.

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